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Shuttle mission STS-119

Take a loop around the International Space Station aboard the shuttle Discovery in stunning high definition.


Launch of Kepler

Kepler planet-finder begins its mission to discover Earth-like worlds orbiting other stars in the galaxy.


Shuttle mission STS-126

High definition from orbit! New clips from Endeavour's mission to the space station.


From the vault

Historical footage from the early days of the space program.


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Comet Lovejoy as seen from space

Running Time: 27 sec
File Size: 10 MB

Comet Lovejoy rises from behind the Earth as viewed from the International Space Station orbiting 250 miles above the planet.


Burbank describes comet

Running Time: 1 min 33 sec
File Size: 57 MB

International Space Station Expedition 30 commander Dan Burbank describes seeing the spectacular sight of comet Lovejoy from the Cupola windows.


Launch replays

Running Time: 7 min 33 sec
File Size: 268 MB

Check out four different angles of the Russian Soyuz rocket's launch from the historic pad at Baikonur Cosmodrome carrying the Expedition 30 crew to the International Space Station.


Expedition 30: Launch!

Running Time: 22 min 34 sec
File Size: 826 MB

The Soyuz rocket carrying Expedition 30 crew members Don Pettit, Oleg Kononenko and Andre Kuipers launches from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan bound for the International Space Station.


Crew goes to launch pad

Running Time: 4 min 53 sec
File Size: 177 MB

The three-person crew departs Baikonur's Site 254 for the bus ride to the rocket launch pad at the cosmodrome to board their Soyuz TMA-03M capsule for blastoff to the International Space Station.


Pre-launch family meeting

Running Time: 1 min 47 sec
File Size: 64 MB

Following the suitup procedure, Expedition 30 crew members Don Pettit, Oleg Kononenko and Andre Kuipers see their families one last time before launch.


Suiting up for launch

Running Time: 13 min 19 sec
File Size: 482 MB

Don Pettit, Oleg Kononenko and Andre Kuipers done their Sokol spacesuits during the final hours of the countdown to launch aboard the Russian Soyuz rocket.


At crew quarters

Running Time: 5 min 17 sec
File Size: 191 MB

International Space Station Expedition 30 crew members Don Pettit, Oleg Kononenko and Andre Kuipers sign the doors and then depart their crew quarters on launch morning.


Expeditions 30-31: Preview movie

Running Time: 7 min 25 sec
File Size: 267 MB

This movie summarizes the main goals and objectives at the International Space Station over the next six months during the Expedition 30 and Expedition 31 crew increments.


Expedition 30: Meet the crew

Running Time: 5 min 31 sec
File Size: 198 MB

Get to know the three-person crew -- Pettit, Kononenko and Kuipers -- launching on the Russian Soyuz craft bound for the International Space Station. This special biography movie profiles the crew and the path each took to become an astronaut.


Post-rollout interviews

Running Time: 4 min 44 sec
File Size: 173 MB

Deputy chief NASA astronaut Mike Barratt, NASA's human spaceflight operations boss Bill Gerstenmaier and European Space Agency astronaut Frank Dewinne give their thoughts as the Soyuz rocket gets ready to launch Expedition 30.


Going vertical on the pad

Running Time: 4 min 15 sec
File Size: 154 MB

The Soyuz rocket is erected onto its Baikonur Cosmodrome launch pad and two gantry swing arms move into position to enclose the vehicle for the final days of preparations before blastoff to the International Space Station.


Rollout status check

Running Time: 53 sec
File Size: 32 MB

NASA spokesman Rob Navias filed this report from the launch pad following the Soyuz TMA-03M rocket's arrival at the historic site.


Rocket rolled to pad

Running Time: 5 min 55 sec
File Size: 215 MB

The Expedition 30 crew's Soyuz rocket is transported horizontally by railcar from its assembly building to the launch pad at Baikonur Cosmodrome for blastoff.


Final assembly of Soyuz

Running Time: 4 min 44 sec
File Size: 172 MB

The emergency escape tower is bolted onto the Soyuz spacecraft as the upper section containing the capsule and mated third stage is attached to the rocket's core stage for launch.


Touring around Baikonur

Running Time: 7 min 25 sec
File Size: 269 MB

The crew visits its Soyuz rocket in the assembly hangar before rollout and the tours the Baikonur Cosmodrome museum.


Press day at Baikonur

Running Time: 11 min 26 sec
File Size: 412 MB

The Expedition 30 crewmates are filmed during press day during rendezvous practice, medical checks and enjoying some leisure time.


Checking out the capsule

Running Time: 5 min 15 sec
File Size: 190 MB

The three-man crew climbs inside the Soyuz TMA-03M capsule for fit checks in both casual attire and the pressurized ascent and entry spacesuits.


Crew arrives at launch site

Running Time: 2 min 45 sec
File Size: 100 MB

NASA's Don Pettit, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko and Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers arrive at the Baikonur Cosmodrome to begin final pre-launch preps.


Crew leaves Star City

Running Time: 12 min 29 sec
File Size: 449 MB

Celebrations mark the Expedition 30 crew's departure from the Star City training base for the voyage to the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch site.


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