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Shuttle mission STS-125

Atlantis gets ready for an ambitious mission to repair and improve the legendary Hubble Space Telescope.


The GLAST launch

The countdown and launch for NASA's GLAST gamma ray observatory.


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The Mission

Orbiter: Discovery
Mission: STS-124
Payload: Kibo lab
Launch: May 31, 2008
Time: 5:02 p.m. EDT
Site: Pad 39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Landing: June 14 @ approx. 11:02 a.m. EDT
Site: Shuttle Landing Facility, KSC

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STS-124 Quick-Look

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Launch Timeline

Ascent Trajectory Data

Master Flight Plan

Key Mission Personnel

Shuttle Flight History

STS-124 Mission Index

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The Crew

Meet the astronauts flying aboard Discovery's STS-124 mission.

Meet the Astronauts

CDR: Mark Kelly

PLT: Ken Ham

MS 1: Karen Nyberg

MS 2: Ron Garan

MS 3: Mike Fossum

MS 4: Akihiko Hoshide

Up: Greg Chamitoff

Down: Garrett Reisman

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Discovery rolls out

Discovery travels from the Vehicle Assembly Building to pad 39A in preparation for the STS-124 mission.


STS-124: The programs

In advance of shuttle Discovery's STS-124 mission to the station, managers from both programs discuss the flight.


STS-124: The mission

A detailed preview of Discovery's mission to deliver Japan's science laboratory Kibo to the station is provided in this briefing.

 Part 1 | Part 2

STS-124: Spacewalks

Three spacewalks are planned during Discovery's STS-124 assembly mission to the station.


STS-124: The Crew

The Discovery astronauts, led by commander Mark Kelly, meet the press in the traditional pre-flight news conference.


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Rooftop view of landing

Running Time: 2 min 2 sec
File Size: 59.5 MB

A camera atop the Vehicle Assembly Building captures Discovery's touchdown at the Shuttle Landing Facility runway.


East-side tower view

Running Time: 1 min 36 sec
File Size: 58.8 MB

Discovery's homecoming as seen from the tower camera located on the eastern side on the runway.



Running Time: 1 min 35 sec
File Size: 46.7 MB

Discovery touches down after travelling 5.7 million miles during its two week mission to the International Space Station.


Discovery lands

Running Time: 45 sec
File Size: 22.46 MB

A high definition camera on the west side of the runway captures space shuttle Discovery's picture perfect touchdown.


Crew arrival

Running Time: 3 min 7 sec
File Size: 92.1 MB

The crew of space shuttle Discovery arrive at the Kennedy Space Center in preparation for their launch on mission STS-124.


Gantry rollback

Running Time: 2 min 43 sec
File Size: 80.3 MB

The gantry-like Rotating Service Structure at launch pad 39A is rolled back from Discovery on the eve of its launch.


Crew walkout

Running Time: 42 sec
File Size: 20.8 MB

The STS-124 crew leave their quarters at the Operations and Checkout Building at the Kennedy Space Center bound for the space shuttle Discovery at launch pad 39A.


Discovery's launch

Running Time: 2 min 59 sec
File Size: 87.5 MB

Discovery lifts off carrying the Japanese Kibo laboratory module to the International Space Station (as seen live on NASA Television).


Main engine ignition

Running Time: 25 sec
File Size: 12.7 MB

Discovery's three main engines roar into life seconds before the space shuttle lifted off on its mission to the International Space Station.


Launch pad camera

Running Time: 23 sec
File Size: 11.6 MB

A high definition camera at launch pad 39A captures the ignition of Discovery's main engines and liftoff.


Camera tracks Discovery's climb

Running Time: 59 sec
File Size: 29 MB

A camera at the perimeter of launch pad 39A tracks Discovery's lift off as it soars skyward.


View from the roof of the Vehicle Assembly Building

Running Time: 2 min 8 sec
File Size: 62.2 MB

Discovery's launch as seen from a high definition camera atop the 52-story Vehicle Assembly Building located three-and-a-half miles away.


Front view of Discovery's liftoff

Running Time: 1 min 39 sec
File Size: 60 MB

Beautiful footage of space shuttle Discovery's climb away into the sky is captured from this camera positioned in front of launch pad 39A.


Launch as seen from the Press Site

Running Time: 45 sec
File Size: 22.3 MB

With the famous press site countdown clock in the foreground, Discovery lifts off, bound for the space station. Unfortunately for observers at the press site, a cloud obscured the view after about 35 seconds.


Shuttle runway camera tracks launch

Running Time: 36 sec
File Size: 17.9 MB

A camera atop a tower at the shuttle's landing strip captures Discovery's blast off from launch pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center.


Beach tracker

Running Time: 2 min 32 sec
File Size: 74 MB

The south beach high definition tracking camera follows Discovery from liftoff to solid rocket booster separation.

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