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Shuttle mission STS-125

Atlantis gets ready for an ambitious mission to repair and improve the legendary Hubble Space Telescope.


Shuttle mission STS-124

High definition footage of Discovery's launch and landing on a mission to deliver Japan's science lab to the space station.


The GLAST launch

The countdown and launch for NASA's GLAST gamma ray observatory.


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Experience the space program like never before through the stunning clarity of high definition. We are pleased to present high definition transfers of film footage from the early days of the space program. Check this page regularly for new footage. Learn how you can subscribe to Spaceflight Now Plus.

The Apollo 1 crew

Running Time: 42 sec
File Size: 25.4 MB

Astronauts Grissom, White and Chaffee appear in this historical footage.


Ride aboard the Saturn V rocket

Running Time: 3 min 47 sec
File Size: 135.1 MB

Onboard cameras capture spectacular footage of the separation of the stages of the Saturn V moon rocket. The first and second stage separation are seen, followed by the separation of the third stage from the second stage.


Apollo 11 launches to the Moon

Running Time: 2 min 50 sec
File Size: 101.3 MB

The historic flight of Apollo 11 begins on July 16, 1969 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins liftoff atop the mighty Saturn V rocket.


Alan Shepard flies Mercury Freedom 7

Running Time: 3 min 30 sec
File Size: 125.2 MB

Alan Shepard becomes the first American in space during the suborbital flight of the Mercury Freedom 7 capsule on May 5, 1961.


First U.S. spacewalk

Running Time: 38 sec
File Size: 23 MB

Ed White makes history as he steps outside the Gemini 4 capsule on the first U.S. spacewalk on June 3, 1965. This high definition video was created from the original film footage shot by mission commander James McDivitt from inside the spacecraft.


Apollo 16 lunar rover "Grand Prix"

Running Time: 2 min 2 sec
File Size: 59.5 MB

Apollo 16 astronauts John Young and Charlie Duke take the lunar rover for a spin on the surface of the moon in this film footage of what became known as the "lunar rover Grand Prix". This footage was shot on 16mm film and is silent.

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