Best Features of the iPhone X

This year, we have been blessed with not only one new iPhone model, but with two. The new iPhone 8 that everyone was expecting after the 7 came out last year, and the newest addition to the iPhone family the iPhone X. This phone left a lot of fo people speechless because of the great features that it has and of course, the price that on the phone which is 999$. Of course, this price tag didn’t scare off a lot of iPhone fanatics because they know that they will get a smartphone that is better than any other. We made this article just to prove you that investing in the iPhone X is a good choice. We want to share some of the best features that you will get when you purchase this bad boy.

Face ID

Definitely, the newest addition to this phone that we never had before was the Face ID. What is face ID you might ask, well it is a feature that is built into the phone that works as a security system that will allow you to unlock the phone. It is very similar to the finger ID we had with some previous versions, but this time it is more advanced, it is using the front-facing cameras to detect your face and unlock the phone. If someone else tries to unlock the phone it will do nothing, so it is quite a nice addition to the security of the phone.

Wireless charging

One of the greatest things that we have invented was the option of wireless charging, of course, that the new iPhone X will have this feature implemented. This is a feature that everyone wants to have because it will save you from so many issues. You will never again have to plug your phone into the wall directly just to charge it. This way, you can protect your phone from potential danger that is coming with regular chargers. It is really simple to use, just put the phone directly on the wireless charging pad and let it charge up. The charge time is much faster.


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