How is Cryptography Used in Computer Science?

If you don’t know how cryptography is used in computer science, then we can say with confidence that you are not that familiar with computers overall. You might have a computer at you home, but you don’t understand how it actually works, and that is a very big part of being a computer geek, to understand how things function. Don’t worry about not knowing this because we are here to help you out become more educated and bring you a little bit closer to the science that goes behind the computers. It is really not that hard to understand cryptography and how it works, you just need to be interested and have the will to learn.

Once you get into it, you will always want to learn more about computers. There is so much information about computers and science that is behind them, that you will need to dedicate half of your life just to understand everything. Of course, we have made this article specially for people who have very little knowledge about computer science, so you will have a really easy time understanding cryptography.

Securing Systems

The main use of cryptography in computer science is in the security field. The reason for that is very simple, just take a look at any type of security, you will see that you always require some type of password to enter a certain area, that password can also be considered to be a form of cryptography. However, there is the far deeper meaning of cryptography that you most likely will never understand so we will not even talk about it. You only need to know that the goal of cryptography is to encrypt things in order to keep people out. Protection of valuable information that is stored online is possible by using the power of cryptography.

Without the power of cryptography, we wouldn’t be able to hide anything on the internet. Everything that you would put there would be unprotected, and everyone would be able to see. When you put in your credit card number to purchase something online, the cryptography helps you keep that credit card information completely safe.


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