New Update Lets You Fully Disable The Bixby Button On Your Samsung Phone

If you are the owner of the new Samsung Galaxy 8 Series, then you have most like had enough of the Bixby button and you want to find a way that will allow you to disable for good. Well, up until recently, people didn’t have the chance to do this because it was a huge part of the phone and there was no way to remove or disable it. Of course, because it was such a huge issue for so many people, some people have come up with innovative ideas to disable it, but even those methods are not the best and they are not working for everyone.

We have great news for you, today is your lucky day because there was an update that will let you disable the Bixby button completely in your Samsung Galaxy 8 series phone. This is your lucky day because not many people know about this update, and the reason for that is because it is not a regular update that you are used to having with new phones.

Manual Update

If you want to fully disable the Bixby button on your phone, then you will have to follow our advice really careful because if you do something wrong, you will fail to disable iy, you have to take this seriously because you can do this only one time, and if you fail, there is nothing that can disable your button. You have to manually update all of the three versions of the Bixby client, starting from the Bixby, Bixby Service and Bixby Home. You can update them using the app store on your mobile phone where you get all of your other apps from.

After updating them, make sure once again that you have the latest version of those three things installed. If you don’t have the latest version of at least one of them, then you have to try and redo the entire update and hope for the best. If you have succeeded for the first time, then your Bixby button should be disabled for good, but if you don’t want to disable it, then skip this update.

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